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Why Your Rising Sign Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story About Your Style.

Some astrology experts say that the first impression you get from someone is determined by their rising sign. This is true – through their body language, mannerisms, and communications style.  However, the way a person dresses will not always be communicated through the traits of their rising.
 From my experience as a personal stylist over 7years, studying and writing about astrology for about 12 (and now offer personal birth chart readings), I’ve found different truths about how people express their personal style — it’s not wholly or regularly dictated by their rising sign.

  • People don’t relate to their rising sign as much as their Sun or Moon, for example. This may be because their rising sign is overshadowed, or heavily influenced by other planetary positions in their birth chart. One example of this was in my teens when I dressed in ways that reflected my Scorpio moon — frequent use of red and black, and sometimes all black. Those colors speak to a desire for power and excitement, but also black alone can express a desire to not be seen. Scorpio traits include — secretiveness/mysteriousness, desire to have control/boundaries/power. This phase didn’t show my Gemini rising traits at the time.
  • An example of my Scorpio Moon (or maybe your rising?) style during my teen years.
    Model – Adele Linton
    Photo -Dawn O’Doul
    MUA – Taralyn Andress
    Styling – Amy Juneau for GenuINe STYLE
  • If a person likes to dress artfully and or fashionably, such style often creates a conversation, an opportunity to socialize, at the very least, it gets attention. Which signs like to socialize and or, attract attention? Aries, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Pisces, all to varying degrees. That doesn’t necessarily mean my client’s style of dress is reflective of their rising sign. Two of my more recent clients were Virgo rising. While they are no-nonsense in their mannerisms and speech, their clothing choices for work and travel – stilettos and vegan leather dress don’t express Virgo’s utilitarian, practical side.
  • What sign Venus is located in, in your birth chart can also influence which styles you gravitate to. Venus not only represents our relationships in our birth chart, but how we view/appreciate art, beauty, and entertain our senses.
  • Cosmic Styling℠ is one of my personal styling services where I take the details of your astrological chart that you most resonate with (this is determined through a short consultation) and blend those with your personal style, lifestyle needs, and wants. This can be done for one outfit, multiple looks, and or for a special occasion. Styling can be as simple as a reference to your sun sign, or more details to include your sun, moon, and rising — and beyond. The planetary influences of your birth and progressed chart can also be blended together.
     The result? Your style is perfectly aligned with you and your own unique cosmic expression based on your astrological birth chart, whether you connect with your rising sign or not. 
     Find out more about my Cosmic Styling℠ services here, and or drop me a line with your questions, I’m happy to answer them!

    Your Top Cosmic Styling Questions Answered. Demystifying How Your Astrological Birth Chart Can Illuminate Your Personal GenuINe STYLE.

    Since publishing and sharing GenuINe STYLE’s new Cosmic Styling℠  service options (your personal style based on your astrological birth chart and or, birth date), I’ve received many questions about it. So, I decided to dedicate this blog to answer the most commonly asked ones.

    1. I don’t follow astrology much, but I am curious. Do I need to have a certain amount of knowledge about it to use this service?

    No, and that’s totally ok! Actually, Cosmic Styling is a fun way to learn more about astrological concepts, without it being overwhelming. Package options range from simple – just focusing on your sun sign colors, for example, to more detailed options.

    1. I know my sun sign, but I don’t even relate to the personality traits that typically are used to describe it. How can I dress like my sun sign if I don’t relate to it?

    Know that you’re not alone in this sentiment. Sometimes, people relate more to their rising or moon sign or some combination of them. We can go over these details in an initial, complementary consultation.

    1. How do I find out my rising and moon sign?


    You can find out your rising and moon sign with the calculator on It will ask you for your birthday and the city you were born, too and both will result in your natal astrological birth chart.

    1. I’m interested in the Cosmic Styling℠ package noting my personal fashion colors as it relates sun/moon/rising sign. But, what if I only like a few of those colors?


    That’s perfectly fine. There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ to this process, but only what speaks to your GenuINe STYLE.  If you have questions as to how those colors may look good on you/work with popular colors already in your closet, I’m happy to make a few suggestions.

    1. Won’t my Cosmic Style℠  be duplicated eventually – won’t someone else also have my sun, moon and rising sign?

    Well, yes and no. It’s possible for someone else to have the same sun, moon and rising sign. Aside from these signs, you also have the option to select other astrological influences to further customize your experience. Plus, my Cosmic Styling℠  packages includes my intuited process, your unique taste AND your astrological details – all beautifully blended together to create your new, customized GenuINe STYLE!

    I believe these answers offer a better understanding of Cosmic Styling and how it can elevate your GenuINe STYLE. Do you have more questions? I’m happy to answer them. Let’s talk about your  Cosmic Style℠ !

    Your Personal Style According to the Stars. GenuINe STYLE Takes It Beyond Typical Fashion Horoscopes.

    Yes, I’ve seen them, too. Those monthly or yearly, style ‘scopes based on your sun sign and applied to everyone.  They’re a fun read and some parts of what’s mentioned may feel on point with your taste, like this one from a article – How to Shop for Your Sign in 2018:

     Vogue 2018

    But what if you want more specialized, applicable advice?

    I’ve found a way to make that happen, based on my passion for personalized astrology and personal style. When I started GenuINe STYLE, I wanted to help people dress in ways that made them not only feel good about themselves, but also genuinely like themselves. Clothing that wasn’t chosen hurriedly off a mannequin because they had to get an outfit at the last minute, or felt pressure to follow trends pushed by the media, but based on their individual style thought out and curated in collaboration with me. That will always be my focus—and what clients appreciate most.

     This month highlights the sun sign, Taurus – a sign that enjoys the creature comforts, material goods and their value – like clothing and fashion. Uranus also just entered the sign of Taurus, yesterday, on May 15th. The latter focuses on how we value/interact with our material world, in new, unexpected ways. So, I think it’s appropriate, that I’m introducing a new, intriguing and esoteric layer to my process—for clients who want to “align with their sign(s)” stylistically and fashionably–via a new service, ‘Cosmic Styling℠.’

    Why and how did I decide to do this? Fashion, style, psychology and astrology have been long-time interests of mine.  Why do people wear what they do? Why do they behave as they do?  I’ve dedicated countless hours of study these subjects over my lifetime, and if there were a college degree for fashion and astrology, I’d be at the Master’s level, for sure. My studies of these continue today.

     Astrology dates back to ancient Sumer (present-day Iraq) 3500 B.C. or earlier, and also notably referenced during Babylonian times, over 2000 years ago, and then later developed by the Greeks and used in the work of Nostradamus just to name a few instances. It was used along with astronomy to predict weather patterns for farming and then later for more personal counsel to royalty. Whether you believe it can be used for prediction purposes or not, there’s a history of symbolism linked to the planets and the zodiac. For example, Aries is associated with the planet Mars and thus the color red. It is also associated with the element of fire, as it is one the three fire signs of the zodiac.

     The latter is what I focus on when creating someone’s ‘Cosmic Styling ℠’ profile.  Profile options are customized based on my client’s budget, a preference to focus one or more astrological details and to what extent they want those details incorporated into their existing wardrobe.

     All Cosmic Styling ℠ packages start with a personal fashion color profile based on symbolic translation of 2- 3 core personality elements based on your sun/moon/rising sign (the last is indicated by your birth time and place) noted from your astrological birth chart, to more detailed options.  Some astrologers say that a person’s birth chart is a blueprint of their personality. I apply (symbolic) parts of the blueprint that coordinate with your personal taste to create another kind of GenuINe STYLE.

     One of my repeat clients, who is also a valued colleague and friend, Tracy, recently approached me about Cosmic Styling℠ that focused on her personal fashion colors, but also fabrics and patterns (the latter includes some intuited details after having an initial consultation one-on-one) as it aligned with her sun and rising sign, as well as the week of her birth and the position of her sun sign  (in the 7th house which focuses on Libra themes) in her natal astrological birth chart:

     astrological birth chart


    A sample of Tracy’s personalized Cosmic Styling℠ profile –

    Color notes: The colors that represent your sun sign, the placement of your sun and your rising sign: sea green (Pisces), violet, shimmery whites (Pisces), green, pink, and indigo (Libra/Venus – based on position of the sun in your chart), brown, navy and white (Virgo).

    Fabrics/fabric details/patterns:  that best relate to your birth date, your Pisces sun and rising sign (Virgo) in your natal astrological chart are – silk (Pisces), cotton/organic cotton (Virgo), jersey material with some spandex flowing/draping (Virgo, Libra & Pisces), abstract prints (Pisces), and small stripes (Virgo).

    Want to find out which color combinations, styles and more suit you best based on your astrological birth chart? Check out Cosmic Styling℠ options here.

     Once you’ve chosen an option that speaks to you, contact me and let’s talk about creating your genuine cosmic style!