Cosmic Styling℠ – Your Options

All Cosmic Styling℠ options take into consideration your hair, eye and skin color.  All options include a brief consultation that includes your existing personal style goals.  I created these additional services for those who are either simply curious, and or, long-time enthusiasts about astrological concepts. Whatever group you are in, these offerings are meant to be a different kind of personalized style. Like my primary services, they are meant to create greater confidence and ease in expressing your GenuINe STYLE – and in a fun way!

 I create a profile analysis, and or look(s) that symbolically corresponds to your astrological birth chart details. Your core personality is comprised of your sun, moon and rising signs in your birth chart. If we work together face-to-face, I am also able to intuit best options for fabrics and patterns.

Cosmic Birthday Color Style

This is a snapshot of the colors that best suit you and  symbolically represented by your core personality planets at your time and place of birth per your astrological chart.

Sun+Moon+Rising Sign:- $25

OR – 2 combo only: Sun+Moon/Sun+Rising Sign style profile – $22

Birthday Cosmic Style – Detailed

This style profile is based on not only your sun sign, but also what kind of sun sign you are based on the week, and day of the week your birthday took place. Style profile details include personalized color palette, and relevant fabrics/patterns.

Birthday Cosmic Style Profile only, $75

Profile + 1 look, $85    Profile + 2 looks, $90   Profile + 3 looks, $111

Total Cosmic Birthday Style

 This style profile includes you translation of sun, moon and rising signs and how they correspond to your personalized colors, fabrics, patterns, stones and metals, as well as your unique physical features.

Sun+Moon+Rising Sign Profile details + 1 look, $77

Sun+Moon+Rising Sign Profile details+ 2 looks, $88

Sun+Moon+Rising Sign Profile details+  3 looks, $111

Cosmic Birthday Tribute Style

When you want to dress to honor a loved one’s birthday/anniversary, etc, I merge their cosmic birthday style details (time and location of birth is helpful, but not required) with yours, into an outfit for the occasion. This includes:  symbolic translation of sun, moon and rising signs and how they all translate to your personalized colors, fabrics, patterns, stones and metals.

Profile details + 1 look, $89

*Note these options can be customized to your needs/interests/budget.